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We don't change as we age, but we unmask ourselves

Traditionally, all methods of self-regulation of body, emotions, mind and spirit have been tied to religions, with specific and strict rules for living.  But when it comes to spirituality, one size doesn't conveniently fit all. Reproduction serves the species - the selfish gene, but self-regulation and self-development serves the individual.

Unfortunately, we've bred ourselves into a population bomb. A staggering 6 billion people strains Earth's resources; growth cannot be sustained at this rate.  So reproduction has become self-destructive to the species (and planet) as a whole, though not necessarily for the individual.

Optimizing our potential and regulating our state are two of the most rationally adaptive activities we can engage in and it can be done in a non-religious or spiritual context. We can reclaim our power through self-regulation, education, applied technology and frank discussion of new technologies, planetary stewardship, responsibility and most importantly the opportunity to create real change in the directions we are otherwise headed.

It is time for an awakening of the spirit within each of us that has the potential to reclaim our birthright as human beings. Enhancing human performance or controlling human outcomes are challenges of the century raising serious questions on the ethics of the science of mind control. Control of the human mind by external means is now a reality, both for self-enrichment and for subversive purposes.  

Technologies are transforming our lives, raising serious questions about privacy, safety and their proper uses. Military planners and others are attempting to use these breakthroughs to create a more directed and controlled society while ignoring the positive applications of many of these new discoveries.

Where are the boundaries of conscious experience and self, and why do these boundaries exist? How do they develop in interaction with parents, carers and others? In what ways are they conditioned by prevailing systems of belief, philosophy, sociocultural history, and environment?

How is adult experience and sense of self altered by psychological, social or spiritual development? How does subjective experience relate to intersubjectivity? How do changes in conscious experience affect one's sense of self, for example through meditation, mysticism, or in pathological states?

Trances people live are a psychological kind of Virtual Reality, a simulation. These trances contain the preprogrammed parameters for our scripts, games and rackets...the random human software we have adopted over the years.We have intrapersonal trances and interpersonal ones, as well – rapport, envy, admiration, phobic trances, fight trances, love trances, reactions which constrict our attention. This programming can be over-written with a variety of behavioral, transactional and depth psychology techniques.

TV and RPG games can put you in a suggestible trance, as can the white line fever of driving.  We have roles which we enact with our social mask, the persona – personality quirks, power struggles, cultural scripts, subcultural scripts, family scripts, psychological scripts.There are persistent themes in Greek mythology and children’s stories.  Your favorite fairy tale can reveal a lot about your self-image, as winner/loser, persecutor/victim. 

All of this is tied up with inhabiting certain virtualities.We spontaneously create our own trance phenomena.  They help us deny, delete or overlook data and dissociate when we engage in self-defeating and self-destructive behavior.  But they happen when we fall in love, too. The chemistry of love correlates with that of Obessive-Compulsive disorder.

These are virtual states are degrees of fixation and preferences, tuning out other signals.  Deep trance phenomena are the glue of our chronic behavioral patterns.  This is how symptoms are created and maintained.  The trance is a non-linear continuum that connects related episodes that alter our experience of ourself, a set of identifications and attachments. You are more than your behaviors, feelings, thoughts, or beliefs.

Likewise, the effects of what Jung called archetypes, gods and goddesses, can autonomously "possess" us with trance-like states that have characteristic beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviors. These include archetypes of the persona, shadow, anima/animus, trickster, wise ones, self, etc. My online book PANTHEON describes them: http://mythicliving.chaosmagic.com


Self-Care and Self-Regulation are the Antidotes to Political and Corporate Mind Control

"In Propaganda, Jacques Ellul contends that it is the total culture in action that is propaganda, or teaching. Thus, real propaganda is environmental and invisible, like the perceptual bias of one's native language. The counterenvironments created by the artist serve to raise these hidden environments to the level of conscious appreciation." McLuhan-From Cliche to Archetype (77)

Self-inquiry, self-reflection and self-confrontation are part of an active lifestyle of self-care and self-regulation that allows our whole self to disengage from the electronic environment, the cultural currents, and corpo-political propaganda.Life is a process of ebb and flow.  We all enjoy the highs of success; but often the practicalities of life take us off the path of our essential nature, usually with responsibility, challenge or crisis, conflict and compromise with our own values, even to the point of "implosion", alienation or dissociation.  When we notice that happening and our attention is naturally drawn inward we can mistake that for depression.  It is time to incubate a breakthrough, rather than breakdown - or medicate. It IS time to dissassociate from the world at large and reconnect with our own center. It is time to DEEPEN the process, not try to deny it with manic busyness, or materialistic indulgence, vainly trying to fill the Void. 

Dive into the Void.  Incubation is part of the natural creative cycle. Actually, it is a natural invitation from deep inside ourselves to reconnect with Source and our essential Self. Heeding that call, we can consciously deepen the process. We can draw on the life sustaining nourishment of our cosmic connection, listening to the Voice of the Silence. By returning to Nature, we can return to our essential nature. It is much like "rebooting" our whole system. What is truly essential is what remains when we slough off the outworn and obsolete conditions that no longer fit.

"To Thine Own Self Be True". "Know Thyself". Re-member your Self and integrity in a new embodiment of your Essence. This perennial knowledge is the source of much of the wisdom literature of the world. Well being and emotional freedom flow from an authentically-lived life, a life where you are true to yourself.  Self-realization is fused with self-expression. ZPE potential flows forth from the Mystic Veil into (input) our whole being and flows out of us in creative expression (output).  The closer we live to that Source, the stronger its embodiment and expression is in us.  To Be Wise ~ RETURN TO YOURSELF.

Meditative techniques using sound, sight, or awareness may generate particular wave patterns whose fields induce resonance in the brain. Millennia of human trial and error have determined that certain ‘sacred’ worlds, visual images, and mental exercises exert uniquely desired effects, causing multiple systems to vibrate and pulse at certain resonant frequencies.

We can return to Nature and our nature, collectively preparing a paradigm shift for a new shared reality and trajectory of physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual coherence. The silent frictionless flow of living intelligence is beyond words and conceptual constructs. We are a process of recursive self-generation. This continuum, which is our groundstate or creative Source, is directly discoverable in the immediacy of the emergent embodied moment, in the living Light that generates our Being.


"Be still
And discover your center of peace.
Throughout nature
The ten thousand things move along,
But each returns to its source.
Returning to center is peace.
Find Tao by returning to source."

(Tao 16)

We all have an internal map of reality and our beliefs generate our reality. Our main agenda is to be right about our beliefs. Values are the source and desire for motivation. Motivation comes from values; sense of safety comes from beliefs. If you create a 1 minute movie internally about what you WANT it is more effective than obsessing endlessly on what you don't want.


Visualization is even more effective when you are in a meditative state. Alpha and Theta brainwave states are the fertile soil in which to ground your 3-D holographic visualizations. Your clear images form a template for self-organizing creativity.  Create multisensory images, rehearsing your success at reaching your goal, including sights, smells, and sounds.  See your thought picture or performance translated into action in the mind's eye.  Image streaming can be used for personal growth, setting goals, self-esteem, habit control, achievement, healing, rebirth and more.

Clear mental movies, visions, work much better once you have identified your limiting core beliefs.  Then intuitive answers come from the subconscious spontaneously. You see it, sense it, taste it, smell it, and behave as if you have it.  You can get a sense of your purpose in life from dreams and visions.  Visualization is the ancient method of goal setting that engrains it and embodies it in your whole being.  You can expand and prioritize your choices, and prepare for changes and achievements.  Bring your future into focus in the present through highly-detailed multidimensional holographic imagery.

The right brain and your subconscious understand the language of imagery and act through your imaginative ability on your internal map. You create a subconscious belief system that harmonizes with your conscious desires for health, well being and success.  Ignite your imagination with empowering beliefs.  You can attune yourself to ideal creative frequencies of Alpha and Theta that facilitate these positive ideas taking root. Expectation awakens the subconscious. Deploy the hidden resources of your aligned head, heart and guts (felt-sense). Use imagination to ignite positive expectation to change passionate desire from potential energy blueprint to actualization.


Image streaming assists belief change by intentionally arousing and deploying your imaginative faculty to create positive change. Doing these exercises increases your imaginal fluency much like practicing a language or musical instrument does, but this is the language of the subconscious - symbolism. It can be used by anyone to increase creativity, connection with and ability to produce imagery. Start with merely closing your eyes and reporting to yourself out loud what you are seeing, even mere blobs or smudges. Soon clearer images of actual things will begin to form and morph before your eyes.

Win Wegner is the pioneer of this process as used in NLP and elsewhere. But it is essentially the same process used for centuries by seers, magicians, and oracles to facilitate communication between the conscious and unconscious mind.  Image streaming happens automatically in both free association and hypnotherapy because of the self-observation and verbal structure of the experience. When you enter the slipstream of imagery you are watching the roots of consciousness in the act of creation.  This upwelling of the creative forces of life is also the portal to own direct connection with creative Source, our inspiration. This fluency can also be directly applied to pro-active Creative Visualization.

PSYCHOSENSORY EVOCATION: Deeply relax in any comfortable position, close your eyes, and describe out loud the multisensory flow of mental images through your mind. 1. You must describe the images out loud, either to another person or to a tape recorder. Describing them silently will defeat the purpose of the exercise. 2. You must use all five senses in your multidimensional descriptions. Don't just describe how things look. Describe tastes, textures, smells, even the background. 3. Phrase all your descriptions in the present tense, as they are happenING.

Don't be frustrated if the image stream is slow to manifest. You may just see sparkles, phosphenes, vague lights now and then, swirls, patterns, a colour impression. You can try using the after image from a bright light to start you off. Keep describing out loud what you see. This feedback to your auditory system reinforces the impressions. Do this for about five minutes at a time, then stop. Do not censor anything you see to begin with, and do not try to control it.

At first all you may get are vague impressions; this process improves immeasurably with very little practice. Later, you can use it for all forms of creativity, inspiration, wisdom, self-help and problem solving. Entering your stream of consciousness on a regular basis makes you smarter and opens up whole new channels of ituition and communication within your own neurology. It is one of the ancient practices of self-cultivation. When you begin active imagination you may want to visualize a candleflame, or one of the ancient Indian Tattvas or any simple symbol you can manage in your mind's eye.

What you FOCUS ON is THE secret of life.  You can EXPAND your internal map of reality. The most important variable is how you spend your time and EVALUATE what you've done.  You can feel bad or guilty if you act on others' values, not your own. Values tell you the deeper structure of how you create your life. Values generate emotions.  Ask yourself WHY each belief and its value is crucial and what you fear without it. 

Values control and organize our beliefs associated with those values. They tell us what's important and help us create operational rules for our lives. Some are empowering and some are disempowering. Values determine what we spend our time on by creating what's important to motivating us to spend time on certain things.

How we evaluate that can lead to conflicting values. They arouse emotion. Emotions are there to help us make good decisions. When you are totally motivated what feelings do you have? Notice how important it is and find its value. If something isn't on your list of values, you won't be motivated. If there is conflict, sometimes you do one thing while other times you do something totally opposite. You spend more time on the most important values whether they contribute or stand in your way of taking action.



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"I'm Worthless" Defectiveness Trap

"I'm Better Than You Are." Top Dog Trap

"Please Don't Leave Me." Abandonement Trap

"I Can't Trust You" Mistrust and Abuse Trap

"I Never Get the Love I Need" Emotional Deprivation Trap

"I Don't Fit In"  Social Exclusion Trap

"I Can't Make It on My Own" Dependence Trap

"Catastrophe is About to Strike" Vulnerability Trap

"I Feel Like Such a Failure" Failure Trap

"I Always Do It Your Way" Subjugation Trap

"Its Never Quite Good Enough" Unrelenting Standards Trap

"I Can Have Whatever I Want" Entitlement Trap



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